Anodizing Systems

Anodizing Systems

The Anodizing Process produces an oxide film on an Aluminum part that is made the Anode in an electrolyte. This film causes the Aluminum surface to be hard, corrosion and abrasion resistant, with excellent wear properties. Various electrolyte solutions can be employed, such as Sulfuric, Oxalic, Chromic, and Phosphoric Acid based processes. For 37 years, our staff of application and design engineers work in conjunction with our customers to provide maximum value, while meeting all process requirements. Systems are sized to accommodate customer part sizes and production requirements.

Anodizing Systems

Modular Construction

Systems are preassembled at the Aqualogic factory. Modularization includes plumbing for water, steam, and enclosed drains. Electrical wiring is completed for programmed hoists, temperature controls, solenoids, level controls, and timers with junction boxes between sections. Systems are assembled and tested for customer approval prior to shipment.

Optional Programmable Hoist Processing Benefits:

  • Flexibility: Multiple Processes and Sequences
  • Consistent Processing Results
  • Un-Attended Processing
  • Increased Productivity
  • Maintain Quality Standards
  • Process Traceability
  • Part Processing: Rack, Basket,
  • Fixture or Combination


Diffusion Dialysis for:

  • Acid Recovery
  • Bath Maintenance
  • Contaminant Control
Anodizing Systems

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