Aqua-Kleen Rotating Basket Cabinet Machine


  1. The Aqua-Kleen multi-stage rotating basket type degreasing machine is specifically designed for use with environmentally safe biodegradable aqueous or semi-aqueous cleaning solutions.
  2. The Machine effectively cleans, dechips, rinses, rust inhibits, and drys a wide variety of copper, brass, stainless steel, steel alloy, and plastic machined parts especially parts with intricate internal holes, cavities, and passages.
  3. The rotating fixture and domed type parts retaining lid is customized to handle the customer's partially filled mesh baskets. This minimizes material handling and prevents part mixing or loss during procedure.
  4. Special part fixturing, separators, and/or linings are available for processing delicate or critically machined parts.
  5. Thorough rinsing and controlled drying temperatures and times are provided to minimize or eliminate water spotting.
  6. An air operated automatic solution divert arrangement allows multi-stage processing in a compact cellular design.
  7. Continuous 360o rotation, during the process and dry cycles exposes all surfaces including cupped parts or parts with blind holes.
  8. Basket fixture automatically returns to proper load/unload position when automatic cycle is complete.
  9. Variable speed rotation control to prevent damaging parts processed in random basket loads. (0 to 5 RPM)
Aqua-Kleen Rotating Basket Cabinet Machine
Aqua-Kleen Rotating Basket Cabinet Machine

Aqua-Kleen Rotating Basket Cabinet Machine

Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction*
  • Automatic Liquid Level Control
  • Centrifugal Blowoff fan
  • Solid State Temperature Controllers
  • High Temperature Switches
  • SS Centrifugal Solution Pumps*
  • PLC Control with Operator Interface
  • Adjustable Cycle Time
  • Lift-off Tank Access Covers
  • Primary Chip Baskets * CarbonSteel Construction Available
  • Basket Size: 17 1/2” x 11 1/2” x 6” H *
  • Lower Housing Heat Insulation
  • Knife Type Air Discharge Jets
  • Automatic Solution Divert Valves
  • Solution Throttling Valves
  • Fixture Jog and/or Reverse
  • Safety Door Switch
  • Centralized Main Control Panel
  • 230/460V/3/60 Standard
  • CPVC Flooding Headers
  • Electric Solution Heat

Available Options

  • Bag Type Solution Filters
  • Steam or Gas Solution Heat
  • Electric Air Blowoff Heat
  • Marine Service Doors
  • Domed and/or Compression basket lids
  • Standard and Custom Parts Basket & Lids
  • Touchscreen Display for Operation and Diagnostics
  • Solid State Programmable Controller
  • Drain and Overflow Piping
  • Ball Roller Load/Unload Table
  • Regenerative Blow Off System
  • Compressed Air Blowoff System
  • Upper Housing Insulation
  • Line Rinse Stage Headers
  • Chemical Feeder
  • Concentration Controller/Feed Pump
  • Additional Recirculated Rinse Stages
  • Air Operated Load/Unload Door
  • Turbulated or Ultrasonic Agitation
  • Rinse Water Conservation
  • Oil Removal (disc, belt, or coalescing)
  • Microfiltration for Emulsified Oil Removal
  • Solution Evaporation
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Exhaust System/Mist Eliminator