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Aqualogic Inc... Celebrating 43 Years

Aqualogic Inc is celebrating 43 years of providing the finishing industry with the finest wastewater treatment, recovery, cleaning and process equipment.

Wastewater Equipment is offered for the automatic batch treatment and flow through treatment of chrome, cyanide, and Acid/Alkaline effluents. Our research and development efforts resulted in providing industry with technology beyond conventional waste treatment methods. New products are designed to provide zero rinse water discharge and chemical and metal recovery from finishing operations.   Our products include Atmospheric Evaporators and companion condenser that eliminates air emissions from atmospheric evaporators. The Salt-Out-System will continuously remove crystallized salt from atmospheric evaporators. The “MicroMagic” Micro-filtration systems have been proven to increase the life of aqueous cleaners by up to ten times that of unfiltered solutions. The acid recovery systems return acid to the process tank while producing a metal laden stream for recovery or treatment. Significant reduction in operational costs, with less chemical usage and a reduction in the volume of effluent required to treat are easily recognized!

Aqualogic’s Laboratory is State approved and allows us to perform analytical studies and modeling of our client’s waste stream. The in-house testing assures meeting the your discharge parameters or determine if our zero discharge and recovery technologies are acceptable for your specific application. In addition, Aqualogic offers complete process warrantees that our systems will meet your discharge parameters.

We not only design the treatment system, we will design your process applications and provide the equipment to make it work.

Cleaning Equipment

Our parts washer designs offer Lean Manufacturing units for your cellular approach to manufacturing. Bulk processing equipment is also offered in many functional forms. Styles include conveyors, rotating baskets, vertical agitation dunk tanks, rotary tables, rotary drums and custom units. All of our standard units can be “customized” for your specific application. Aqualogic builds Aqueous washers that not only work but are environmentally friendly.

Finishing Equipment

There are many types of finishes today, on metals, plastics and circuit boards. Aqualogic offers process equipment for all types of finishes on any type of base material. The operations can be manual or automatically operated. Applications for electroplating and anodizing as well as electropolish, passivation, acid etch and blackening are offered. Zinc and Iron phosphate as a prep prior to painting complete with conversion coatings are also available. Our modular designs are pre-assembled at our factory for easy quick installation in your plant.

Our engineering group designs the systems and provides detailed layouts, and process and instrumentation drawings for all of our engineered systems. All drawings are provided on hard copy and on CD-ROM in auto-cad format.

Aqualogic can supply a single tank or a complete system, installed at your facility. We can design a system for you!

For assistance with environmental systems applications, please feel free to contact or leave a message for:

Dick Heller