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Sample Bottle Request

Aqualogic Inc. would like to make it as convenient as possible for you to test your water. Therefore, if you know what parameter(s) you would like to have tested by our certified laboratory, we will sent you the appropriate sampling kit via the USPS (U.S. Postal Service). If you are uncertain about what you should test for, reference Common Problems and Available Tests for guidance. You may also speak directly with a water treatment professional by calling (800) 989-8959 or locally at (203) 248-8959.

Sample Kit Mailer: A sample kit will be mailed directly to you with sampling instructions (ref. Sampling Procedures) and the Chain of Custody Form. A non-refundable $15.00 fee is required of which $5.00 is the sample bottle deposit attributed to the test(s) cost and $10.00 for shipping and handling. Sample kits are non-returnable. Samples must be hand delivered to Aqualogic Inc. at:

Aqualogic Inc.
30 Devine St.
North Haven, CT 06473

You may also pick-up your Sample Kit at Aqualogic. A $5.00 deposit is required which is attributed to the cost of the test(s) upon submittal. Sample kits are non-returnable.

Total Coliform Bacteria samples must be hand delivered to Aqualogic within 6 hours after sample collection if non-refrigerated or up to 24 hours if refrigerated. Do not freeze!

Payment in full is required with returned samples

Mastercard, Visa, & personal check accepted

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Please be certain that the Chain of Custody form is completed IN FULL with submitted sample(s). A certified laboratory report will be mailed to you upon completion of analyses.

Total Coliform Bacteria Test is a 24 – 28 hour test. In the event your sample tests positive for the presence of Total Coliform bacteria, a laboratory technician will call you immediately.

Request a Sample Kit by contacting Aqualogic or email us @
Tel.: (800) 989-8959 or locally at (203) 248-8959.