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Environmental, Finishing, and Cleaning Technology since 1966

Welcome to Home of the Finest Wastewater Treatment, Recovery, Finishing and Cleaning Systems since 1966.

Aqualogic® Designs and Builds Wastewater Treatment Systems for Industrial Surface Finishing and Part Washing Operations

Aqualogic® Designs and Builds Recovery Equipment for Closed Loop and Zero Discharge Systems Systems include Atmospheric Evaporators, Resinator Ion Exchange, Microfilters, Diffusion Dialysis for Acid Recovery, and Oil/Water Coalescers

Aqualogic Designs and Builds Automatic and Manual Process Lines and Systems for Electroplating, Anodizing, Phosphate, Passivation, Acid Etching, Chemical Cleaning, Electropolish, Chromating, and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)

Aqualogic Designs and Builds Aqueous Based Parts Washing Equipment from Single Piece Lean Manufacturing Units to Large Bulk Processing Systems. Systems are Produced for the Aerospace, Medical, Fastener, Marine, Metal Working, and Electrical component Industries.